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Sunday, January 15, 2012

I just read a review about the latest chromebook that was shown at CES. it totally pans the new chromebook and I can't really fault it. most of us were hoping for a solid reboot or even an ultrachromebook. instead we get something not much different than what we have with a slightly better but rather underwhelming upgrade to the processor.  I was digging on the chromebox except for the specs.... for the same reason.... not much of a reboot. they are sweet looking and I imagine they do work a little faster. but really.... rather a letdown I must say.
  google? when is the good stuff coming? is it coming at all?

Monday, January 2, 2012

well, I am back in seattle again. I have some thoughts for those who complain about offline use. it's bollocks. I was only without connection 2 times. flying there and flying back. I had videos to watch (on a thumb drive) books to read (on offline kindle) and ways to write poetry while I flew (scratchpad, a perfectly acceptable word processor lite) ... for all practical purposes I had no downtime at all with the chromebook at all except intentional downtime while i was with my family. 

of course everything I did could also have been done with a tablet. the only thing I did that really made the difference was writing offline. having a keyboard was really nice. of course it's not the only reason I love chromebooks... but it sure is why I don't want to own a tablet.  

there was mention of commercials on our chromebook central forum... someone should make a commercial with a person flying with a chromebook... watching movies, typing emails writing papers and listening to music and reading books while flying. then quietly in their hotel room they connect and everything is sent immediately once they're online again... could be a great commercial...