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Friday, October 28, 2011

saw this blurb about google donating 600 chromebooks to vets... good to see. 
latest dev update seems really nice so far. sitting in my dr's office right now using it. it feels clean and efficient for want of better words. only one issue so far. the cursor has been jumping around more on this than I've seen in a very long time. and the exit full screen mode floating icon suddenly looks cheap and unfinished again. I think the  floating bookmark bar that is on the tab page should drop down instead of the exit full screen icon... it could have an exit button on it. but video is looking great and it's cruising along quite nicely. maybe stable version will make a jump forward in the near future. one can hope. :)

Google Chrome 16.0.912.10
Platform 1193.15.0 (Official Build) dev-channel x86-alex
Firmware Alex.03.61.0735.0056G3.0021

Thursday, October 27, 2011

well everything I've been hearing about the latest dev is that it's fast. I like fast. and though I haven't actually been using it enough lately, the latest dev hasn't been crashing my cr48 so I am getting back off beta on my samsung and downloading the latest dev again. yippee... heheh I will let you know what I think once I've buzzed around on it...

Monday, October 24, 2011

I have decided today is a good day for a rant. everyone thinks apple has soul and steve jobs was jesus reborn. but Apple is exactly what is wrong with the modern world. first off, although they make beautiful machines they have complete and total control over what you can do with their machines. do you want something apple doesn't like? too bad. Big brother apple knows better than you. do you actually care about the quality of life of the human beings making your products? apple doesn't care. they exploit like crazy. now, I am not saying that no other company does the same thing... really it's endemic to the technology industry. but apple has everyone thinking they're the good guys and they aren't. all they care about is making money. they have no ethics. I saw a joke once. showing how bill gates is doing all this charity work and giving away most of his money to make a better world... but steve jobs is the icon of goodness even though he does nothing at all. he wasn't one of the billionaires giving away lots of money to various charities. so now steve jobs is dissing microsoft and google for "not getting it" but i've seen the new windows phone and it's really nice. I have been thinking lately I would like to get one. and there's a reason android is doing so well. they're really nice phones. in a way Iphone/android is microsoft/apple all over again. apple kept total control and almost killed apple. microsoft licensed software and grew faster and faster and the only reason apple made it through the hard times was because miscrosoft allowed their products to be designed for mac computers. and what is android doing to grow like crazy? letting everyone put their software on everything... tada... android grows faster and faster and apple slowly stagnates. Unless they find the next big thing yet again, they will fall back into being a niche product again. it will take tme but it is already starting to happen. and guess what? windows phones will keep growing and so will android. windows very slowly, but they can afford to grow slowly. android i am not sure about but grow they will.

But this is a blog about chrome so why the rant? because all the hype about st jobs is kind of annoying. he is a guy, nothing more. smart? yes. manage do some interesting things? yes, but still a ceo of a major corporation out to make lots of money. and it annoys me that he thinks his ideas are the only right ideas and no one else gets it. this sounds an awful lot like religions or politics. the only we all have in common is we think everyone else is wrong. well I don't like it in my spirituality and I don't like it in my politics and I don't like it in my tech. open should actually be open. the more the merrier. billions of ideas .... because no one has the corner on the market. not any market.
you see I think google does get it. they've made a few missteps here and there. so did microsoft and so did apple. but with google search, android and google plus google is really getting it right and it has soul. lots of soul. the samsung chromebook is a sweet little machine and works really well. for me it's what I thought apple should have been. I love it and carry it with me everywhere. what's more everything on it works. and if we see changes to be made, google listens. they find unique ways to make it work. and android ice cream sandwich? what little I've seen of it seems to me that it just keeps getting better and better. are they saints? no, probably heck no.
apple's late ceo was angry because he was scared. and he should be. dang it. he should be. so in this pic I am watching torchwood on my ss5 with an external monitor hooked up... underneath it are 2 windows computers; one for work and one for personal use. which one I am using? my chromebook. thanks google!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

well, not a place I really  want to be but I sure am glad I can have my chromebook in here!! much better than having to watch tv... oy ve :) I watched the new tv show Pan Am on hulu which I am loving and Dr Who season 6 on amazon prime....this is a real lifesaver for me to have my chromebook in the hospital with me. yay!!
believe it or not I tripped over a tree stump at the old house on swinomish rez and cut my wrist in the fall and it got seriously infected. and after such a nice evening being prayed for at the indian shaker church in concrete ... sheesh. lol

oh massey kwi ha ha ha ha shucksiab. :)