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Monday, September 26, 2011

so I found my first place where my chromebook didn't work at all. not on 3G not on wifi , not through my EVO , not at all.. it was weirder than being on an airplane. we were in tahola, a reservation on the ocean about 45 minutes north of kurt cobain's birth home of aberdeen wa. there was no verizon and no sprint. I suspect att would not be there either. no one's cell phone worked there at all. it is a gorgeous place right on the ocean. we had fish soup made of salmon, salmon eggs and potatoes, razor clams and other staples of the local traditional foods. but no cell phones, no chromebook, no nothing... we actually had to turn our cell's off because the constant searching for a cell signal would kill our batteries very quickly. well. the joy of offline and the bane of offline were both VERY apparent let me tell you. luckily I was there for other reasons and I was so busy in the real world that I certainly didn't mind but it was the first time since I got my CR48 in january that for all practical purposes other than reading my book or playing a few games I really couldn't use my chromebook. of course if you think about it, going for close to 9 months and spending lots of time in some very rural areas and this is the first time the chromebook failed me, well that really is pretty impressive. but if I had been there for any length of time it definitely would have failed me, unless I found someone on the rez with wifi which I am sure I would have without much difficulty people are always so nice there... but it was worth the tradeoff. you have no idea how wonderful traditionally fixed seafood can be. of course I haven't had to eat fish heads yet... not sure about that one. hehe 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

for all those naysayers who say no connection means a brick. here's a picture at the restaurant this evening. I was reading my book on my chrome OS kindle app. I could have turned on my evo hot spot but chose not to bother since I was really enjoying my book. sadly for some reason the kindle app doesn't seem to show up on my evo camera... but trust me I was readding. . .
brick. muyahahahaha.... NOT

Friday, September 16, 2011

Thought I would post a couple pics of the chrome OS on the big screen. hard to tell from a phone camera but it looks really nice.. kind of like the chrome browser in full screen mode. a breeze to use this way too. can't wait for the chrome box to come out.
so for me, the only thing better than having a chromebook is having 2 chromebooks! so I hooked a monitor to my cr48. here's a picture of my room. the Samsung on the table by my bed and the cr48 with the monitor . I am watching , but wait, maybe I should let you all guess what I 'm watching ... hehe... the picture quality is excellent. netflix streaming is working great. my techie life is doing great. hehe... now about that love life. hmmm......

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

update! I was wrong!

update! my biggest complaint which was about signing in with the google account isn't really an issue after all. it only needs the connection the first time to set everything up... the next 2 times I signed off and back it worked just like it should allowing offline use... whew!!! it had me worried!

latest dev build - 15.0.874.12

Google Chrome 15.0.874.12
Platform 1011.11 (Official Build) dev-channel x86-alex
Firmware Alex.03.61.0735.0056G3.0021

ok, first the good things.
1) figured out a way to move apps from page to page; drag them down to the bottom bar to the page you want it on. it will move to the correct page and let you place the app. it will even create a page if that's what you need.
2) seems to be faster and smoother all the way around. I am liking that a lot.
3) ctrl + and ctrl - work correctly again. the icons shrink but the background stays put... sweet. wish I could make it different from page though... so the most visited icons can be large, the app icons small and the bookmark icons in between somewhere. just something I noticed.

now the bad
1) too dang much white on the splash screen and log in screen. I don't like it at all. I want my dark screen back.. at the very least give us the option.
2) it forces you to sign on with your google account. which totally undermines offline use. stupid, stupid, stupid. I even turned off my wifi just to try it and guess what? I couldn't sign on at all... even to get to the offline apps. they better get this fixed and pronto!!!
3) on the bookmarks there is no obvious way to change which bookmarks are displayed. I tried and tried and couldn't change which bookmarks that were seen at all. I would really like this option. at the very least show the folders so you can click on the folders to see other bookmarks.

so there you are. my quick and dirty opinion of the updates. smooth and stable but a couple big issues that need to be fixed quickly...

I am going to post a screenshot of my start page because I love the latest them that I found... enjoy

Saturday, September 10, 2011

latest dev build

Well I uploaded the latest dev build to my CR48 this evening and was liking it enough to put it on my Samsung Chromebook.
the look and feel is sweet. the video seems sharper to me. the battery seems a lot better though really won't get the chance to try it out for real until tomorrow on the latest build. They have finally gotten most (though not all) of the bugs out of the new start page and I am really liking now. I have added screenshots. it is still difficult to move icons from one page to another and I really don't like the white splash screen. I do like the little animation but they could have done a similar animation with a black screen and light colored lettering... the white makes it look unfinished, like a first draft. ugh. their theme lately is pushing a lot empty white space and it's getting a bit much for my tastes. you can make things too simplistic looking methinks.
I think the bookmarks needs work too. the bookmark icons are really tacky looking, the icons should be larger, like apps. I realize the blank space would normally be filled with the title of the bookmarks but as you see in the screenshot I removed the titles because the icons work a lot better. that should be exploited in the page design.
also the most visited should be a little larger in my opinion.
still I am loving the look and feel more and more as time goes on..

loving the battery life

so last night I went to sleep with amazon cloud playing a nice cd to go to sleep to. in the morning I woke to find I had forgotten to plug in the charger. the charge was below 20%. I plugged in the charger and half an hour I was at 71% when I unplugged it and went to work. I watched Daria at lunch. and I've watched cnettv, and several you tube videos, another daria episode, did email, checked facebook, just watched covert affairs on hulu and it's now 9:29pm in the evening and I still have 35% charge. I woke up at 6:20am but didn't notice until breakfast so I didn't plug it in until 7:10am and I took it off the charger at 7:45am. so I started with 71% at 7:45am and I still have 35% charge at 9:30pm. that's pretty awesome I must say...

Monday, September 5, 2011


you may be wondering why I am posting all this stuff on my chrome blog?
for me, who is a computer user and not a developer, the chrome book is all about what I can do with it. I was able to keep up my blog, entertain myself on the flight, share my pictures from the gathering with friends and family. I unplugged it in the morning and carried it with me all day long. I used it to listen to music at night to help me go to sleep. my chromebook goes everywhere with me. I didn't have to charge it at all except at night when I was sleeping. it is my calendar, my entertainment, my bank, my social network. with this I can carry everything I need everywhere. its easier to use and easier to see than my smartphone. and plenty powerful for all my needs. I printed my boarding pass with it on my friend's computer. when I was sitting in the airport people had their laptops and they were huge compared to my samsung. and they had to find a place to sit where they could plug it in so they could conserve their battery for the flight. i wasn't the least bit worried about using up my battery. this is why I posted my trip this weekend. to show that with the chromebook I lived my life, my life wasn't my chromebook

Sunday, September 4, 2011

naming ceremony

my friend Kathy was receiving the name si tall te lia. this name means watches over the people. johnny's great grandmother was a young medicine woman when small pox was decimating the people and she spent her time singing, praying and encouraging the people to have faith that it won't always be like it was at the time. that the people would survive and the plague would end... she helped so many people that she earned the name, si tall te lia for encouraging and watching over the people during such a difficult time. what a powerful name! we had great food and great songs and wonderful gifts at the potlatch to honor the name. what a joy. I wasn't able to get pictures of the actual ceremony because I was participating. so mostly pics of her family and the dinner and potlatch.

sunday morning hanging out with my chromebook

I wanted to get a picture of where we are in the sierras... it's so beautiful here at their home. such a joy. so carri was saying they probably went more like 60 feet into the tree to set up the antenna for clearwire because the branches start at 40 feet. it's so relaxing.. they built their home themselves and make their living making and selling jewelry. beautiful and expensive jewelry I might add!!

potlatch and circle in grass valley

so I didn't use my computer during the gathering of course, but once the video and pics were loaded up to picasa , my chromebook is used for everything else. so I won't bother with too much detail on who everyone is.. but this a NW coast style gathering (open to all of course) with a potlatch and song and prayer circle. today will be the naming ceremony which is the main reason we are here in california this weekend. enjoy the pics... fyi, the man in the right of the top pic is johnny moses, my friend we bought the acer wifi chromebook for. he loves it! just as an aside, my friends jeremy and carri live out in the sierra foothills and the only way they could internet was to have clearwire come out and climb 40 feet into their trees and set up a line of sight dish to their tower.. it works pretty good though it's affected by the weather. so sometimes is mega slow

Saturday, September 3, 2011

breakfast at kathy's what a weird night . bizarre dreams... sheesh but doing a lot better this morning. feel like myself again. yay!!! here's pics of the breakfast club as we get ready for the day's events. kathy, scott and I with our red cedar circle t-shirts and kapua. going to be a good day.. oh and me with my chromebook updating my blog.. I love my chromebook... wendi the chromie! hehe

relaxing at my friend kathy's house

so we're relaxing after the flight at kathy's house. I thought the flash would do a better job .. you can barely see my chromebook in my laptop.. that is kathy with me. kapua is sitting next to me but you can't really see him at all... well time to go to bed hehe.

sunset from the plane as it took off

well the good news is offline stuff worked great on the plane. it was a pretty short flight so mostly I just read my book on the kindle app. it worked great. I decided to use my phone for music because it already had a bunch of music stored locally so it was easier than bothering to put music on the laptop. the bad news is since the plane wifi was inexpensive I wanted to try it out and I couldn't get the website to accept my credit card. I put the info in and hit send it would say processing but then it would just bring me back to the same page with all info deleted . I closed tabs and I even rebooted but it wouldn't accept the card. not sure if it was their website or the computer. maybe it was trying to download something to the computer... but it doesn't make sense because I've used sites like that before mostly amazon, but occasionally other sites as well.
but kindle worked great and was nice to read my book ... I really enjoyed it. I am going to try again with the wifi on the way home. here's a couple moon and sunset pics I took as the plane took off. it's a camera phone so it's not as nice I'd like... but still they're pretty... enjoy

Friday, September 2, 2011

sitting in the airport

took a little bit to connect to the airport wifi , but no it's working great.... been unplugged since 7am and I still have about 80% battery. that includes watching a half hour show on hulu at lunchtime... a few emails , posting on the blog and facebook and google plus... plenty of battery for the trip. yay!!! I have about an hour to kill before they board. sweet. now if only my body worked half as well , hehe.

after work, hanging out my friend's house

will be leaving for the airport soon... hanging out on my friend's couch before heading to the airport. right now I am connected to verizon 3g with 87mgs left... yay!!

traveling to california this weekend

I am going to log my chromebook trip. hehe... starting with breakfast this morning on my way to work at ihop... right now I am connected to my evo 4g hotspot through wifi.. I have plenty of 4g signal.... fast enough to watch a couple videos on this morning.... great way to start the morning... :)
of course I have already run into a snag. I bought a digital movie on amazon and can only download it to a pc or mac. how do I find a pc before my flight to download the movie onto a flash drive? they really have to fix this...