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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

gmail , docs and calendar offline... go team

we are so happy to hear about this! and just before I leave on my trip to california.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Thank You Google

I hear a lot of talk about prices and speed and other things. I may not answer this with arguments to refute the hardware or software options. Rather I want to say thank you to google. the last year has been a struggle for me. I've gotten diagnosed with several health issues about a year ago and taking care of them has put a bit of a pinch on the old budget you might say. my windows laptop was dying and I couldn't afford to buy a new one anyway. I have a nice work computer with two monitors but I can only use them for work and they them locked up tight as IS departments are wont to do. perhaps I could hack it, but it's really not my style. when the cr48 showed up on my doorstep back near the end january, I quite honestly said out loud without thinking, "what is this? has my luck actually changed for the better for once?" and imagine my joy to find out not only that I had a free laptop but I actually enjoyed using it! I hadn't enjoyed windows since I had been a beta tester for MSN back when it was still in beta. let's just say that was when y2k was actually a scary prospect to most companies. hehe.

yeah I had a few crashes and a few bugs and before long I had jumped to dev channel even though I had absolutely no reason to, since I am not a developer. but it was fun to use. I carried it everywhere. and used it all the time. I loved posting on the board and really enjoyed the vibrant crew of testers we had here at the chat. I hadn't really enjoy bbs's like this in years.

let me tell you, I was shocked when melissa sent me an email about a samsung 5 and even more shocked when it showed up at work 2 days later. it was fun to open and videotape and I have been on it almost exclusively since then. and I was frustrated when my windows laptop finally gave up the ghost and I couldn't watch netflix anymore... yet it was 2 weeks later that netflix appeared.

today I was in the emergency yet again. and I had my chromebook with me. I was very happy to have it with me even though I never really had the need to use it. but for a while there it looked like I might be there for the night and I was prepared. in some ways chrome has kept me going during some difficult times over the last year. and I really appreciate it greatly.

so maybe the S5 isn't the fasted computer out there. I wouldn't actually know. and maybe there are still bugs to fix here and there. what I do know is that this has done everything I need it to. helped me keep in touch with friends through email and gtalk and facebook and google plus.. write essays and papers and poetry. be here in this forum and entertain me when I didn't have enough strength to get out of bed.
would I buy an S5 if I hadn't been lucky enough to get one through the guru program? probably not. but not because it's not worth it. because if I had the money I would buy one in a heartbeat. with no reservations at all. and I did pitch in to help a group of us buy an acer chromebook for a good friend on disability who needed a computer. and he loves it and uses it ALL the time. maybe even more than I do. he is native and he has found videos of many of his elders on you tube sharing teachings about the songs and the culture, the language and the herbal medicines. he has people he can hear speaking his language and inspiring others to bring their birth language back from extinction. and just to hear the language when he has no one else to talk to.

can other computers do this? yes they can. but what I see with google is people having fun doing what they love. people who actually care about the products they're creating. I mean I never saw this when I wandered the halls of microsoft with my ex boyfriend. I have seen with this macs though for whatever reason I've never been to into apple products. but I feel it here in google. and I love the chromeOS and I got excited all over again when I heard Trond talking about ideas of things to come.

so this is what I say to people who are always complaining. not about the bugs, because of course we all need to complain about them that's why we're here after all.. but complaining about it not being the perfect computer.
why are you here? are you here to be a part of something and watch things grow from infancy to maturity? cuz that's why we're here! so revel in it. all of it... the great, the good, the bad , and the ugly!
I have heard that others have had a hard time here as well. so I know I am not the only one.

so really, I don't care about the processor or the ram or any of it. I turn the computer and it's up and running and letting me do what I want to do and need to do right away. when I called work to let them know what was going on I was able to sign on to work's webmail and see that the everyone knew and had figured out what to do without me there. when I got home and couldn't do anything except lay there, I was able to sign onto netflix and watch a wonderful irish movie called "a shine of rainbows" and feel a little better.
when I was at the swinomish reservation when all the canoes from all over the NW landed and all the tribes shared their songs and dances for everyone I was able to post my pics on google plus and facebook to share with all my friends. it works. and it is always with me. that's all I need.

so thank you google.. for making a very difficult year a whole lot easier to deal with.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Seattle meetup of Google and chromies

so we had a fun meet up with Trond from the Google Chrome Team and the some of the washington and portland Chromies... it was a lot of fun... we talked about things we liked and things we'd like to see. I wish I'd taken notes. so I could remember everything. After listening to Trond talk about hopes and aspirations for ChromeOS I really understand that it really is in it's infancy... I am so excited to see how it grows. hope this happens more often... thanks guys..
so let's see how I do names..
L to R -
Reed, Wendi, Michael, John, Trond, David and Allan

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

interesting ride

since I received my CR48 back in february, I have been pretty much addicted to these machines. I hung on to my dying windows laptop as long as I could, but mostly all I did on it was netflix and when google and amazon music became available, upload music. I still don't understand why we can't upload from the chromebook BTW.....
Asides aside, I really wonder what it is about this little notebook that I love so much? I had an ipad for a while, and while it was nice, I found myself turning to the chromebook more often than not. I have my work computer at home with 2 monitors and I could do a lot on there but I don't. I like to use the monitor for watching my internet shows but that's about it. so why do I love this, my little white samsung chromebook so much?
well, for starters, it's portable. it fits in my purse no problem. it is heavier than the ipad was but not so much so that I mind the weight. battery life? the ipad was slightly better but not by much. storage? not really I had a 16G wifi only ipad so storage was the same, though a real plus on the chromebook is external storage. If I really want to have local storage I can have an sd card or a thumb drive.
I know what I liked on the chromebook over the ipad for some things. I like the fact that flash works. and it really doesn't hurt performance all that much. flash has gotten better since jobs cut them out of the apple's life. so while hulu plus worked on the ipad most of my shows were still unwatchable because they were web only and hulu on the ipad safari browser didn't work, and it does work on the chromebook. as does amazon prime, which also didn't work on the ipad. netflix worked on the ipad but it was only a matter of time for it to show up on the chrome book and here it is! working on the chromebook. the chromebook also has a matte screen and the ipad has a glossy screen. the glossy screen looks very nice but it has a lot of glare and the chromebook is much more visible outside in sunlight. this is a REAL plus for me. yes you can take video and pics on the ipad but honestly they're crap and my android phone takes much better pics as does the iphone so it really wasn't worth it for that. video chat? I can do that on the chromebook I can use gtalk and I can use skype through gtalk works really well and I don't get tired holding up my laptop because it sits in my lap. and heat from the chromebook? not an issue it runs very cool compared to almost any laptop I've ever used. no chance of burning myself with a chromebook. I have both wifi ( which I use almost entirely) and 3g ( I only use occasionally ) and both work very well. If I want, I can put netflix or hulu in a small panel and continue doing other things while watching tv. works pretty good, though since I still have my beta chromebook, cr48, I usally use that as my "tv" and play on the samsung... with or without a monitor... it works great that way.
I know some people freak out about storing data in the cloud... but so far it is working far better for me than storing locally ever did... I can access it anywhere and I don't lose it with dying laptops. Even when I'm very cautious about backing up, which I often am not... there have been too many times where my back up got corrupted and I lost the data anyway... arrrggghhh.

how about traveling on a plane? well the kindle will pin books to the chromebook so I can read without a connection. I can store movies I've bought on the chromebook so I can watch movies with no connection. though it doesn't work yet, google docs will eventually work offline as well. and there are already note taking apps that do work offline so if I want to write offline I can and then upload it when I have a connection again. there are also games that work offline though I'm not much of a gamer. I got over angry birds months ago.
I will be flying over the labor day weekend and I will have my chromebook with me. I intend to have a good book or two and at least one movie downloaded if not 2. who knows if it isn't too crazy expensive, maybe I will pay for the plane's wifi... I doubt it, but you never know...

and last but not least I have to mention the keyboard. I LOVE the keyboard on the samsung chromebook. it is so easy type on. I type everything I write on it. poems, essays, articles, this blog.
there are things I haven't really mentioned like pics which are pretty easy too through picasa, though a lot of people don't really like picasa tools, if the pics are stored in picasa, then they can be edited from a desktop with photoshop and then re-uploaded if need be.. for me it's the only computer but for many others it's their second or third or just their travel computer.
we are all different, us chromies. but we all agree on one thing; we love chromeos!

ok .. GREAT news for the chromebook!!!! Netflix and Kindle for ChromeOS and that's totally awesome... now I really need no other computer. everything I do is on the chromebook... I'm so happy ... yay!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

google plus hangout is the best

so far I have had lots of fun with every google hangout I've been on... it's the best part of google plus... it just works so well... hopefully they will get the you tube portion working right one of these days. hehe

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

latest dev

I updated both the samsung and the cr48 to the latest dev. so far it's very stable and works fast and great. for some reason with the last update I lost the 3g radio, but now it's back and working again. yay!!! I like that wifi now shows if you're on a secure network or open network... very classy. I haven't had time to play around though, so I'm not sure about all the updates yet. but I am glad I switched to it. chromeos just keeps getting better and better.... this is the best notebook I've ever owned. sigh...

chromie to the core

ok, I've done it. I've sold my ipad2. I really didn't use it very much. I was frustrated by no flash... very annoying. I was also frustrated by how simplistic it was and how sometimes there were too many steps to do things. I was annoyed that kindle wouldn't play my magazine subscriptions that I had on my phone. (kindles fault, no apple's) and hulu plus was lame on the ipad as well. all my shows said web only, except going to the web on the ipad was a fail since they don't effing support flash... and well, it was so yuppified. I don't know how else to say it. everything felt so sanitized. not sure it's actually true, but it's how it felt. about the only thing I used it for was netflix since it doesn't work on the chromebook yet. I can see why it's popular. as a media consumption device it's kinda fun... my friend I sold it to absolutely loves it. and has been using it a lot. but I want to do more things. and I really missed my keyboard. the chromebook works great... now I watch hulu and amazon prime on the cr-48 while playing around on the samsung... works for me... I am chromie to the core!!! hehe