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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

ok my favorite app so far is Surplus which just updated to version 3.

one of our fellow chrome pilots anitmatter 15 did an awesome job on this one that basically shows us the google+ notifications as an extension so we can get updates when we aren't on a google app page... it's sweet and it keeps getting better. if you love google+ you will love this chrome extension.

so in the pic do you see the red square with a white 2 in it? that's the extension. I have two updates.. when I click on it a drop down menu shows with the notifications... very well designed. hint, you may have to click on the pic to make it large enough to see what I am talking about

here's his description of the update:
Surplus3 has now been released. It has now switched from Google Video to Google Images as the page host, so that should evade some corporate firewalls. It automatically adds the current page's link to the area when sharing posts. The popup should be much more stable and some other backend work. Also, clicking on the button again should close the box.

Monday, July 11, 2011

chromebook vs ipad2

well a few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to win an ipad2 on the cell phone blog over the last couple weeks I've been spending time comparing the two and for me personally I have come to the conclusion that I really love my chromebook!

that's not to say that I don't see the appeal of the ipad2. it is well designed and mostly easy to use, though in spite of what I keep hearing from mac geeks, it is sometimes very counterintuitive and takes 3 or 4 steps to accomplish the same thing that would be 1 or 2 steps on an android phone or even the chromebook. that said I'm sure there are places where the reverse is true... I also realize that some of the issues have nothing to do with the ipad2 at all and everything to do with poorly designed apps or licensing issues. something that plagues every OS. I really wish people would stop playing all these licensing games and get on with it. sheesh.

but the thing is, a chromebook is a fully functional notebook with a great keyboard and everything I need to be on the web. and more importantly flash works really well. on the ipad I can't run hulu at all unless i purchase hulu plus and then most of my shows are unplayable in the ipad even after purchasing hulu plus. they all say web only... and the web version of hulu doesn't work on the ipad. this has nothing to do with licensing and everything to do with steve jobs hissy fit about flash. my chrome book battery lasts almost long as the ipad and it runs flash... as well as a lot of other things that an ipad doesn't .

to me, the chromebook is a useful tool for just about everything I do while the ipad is a pleasant diversion. but I don't need a pleasant diversion.. I can get all the pleasant diversion I need on the chromebook and a whole lot more. the ony thing ipad does that I can't do on the chromebook and do better is netflix. and that will soon change. It's like using a phone that is too big. I think I would like an iphone more than the ipad but I like the google world and I like my android phone and my chromebook and they play together very well.

the other thing I've noticed about the ipad? it freezes up. I have always heard apple devotees talk about how everything apple works and everyone else crashes all the time. well here's the deal. over the last 2 weeks i have had to reboot the ipad about 5 times. over that same 2 weeks I have rebooted the chromebook about 3 times and I've used the chromebook a lot more.

I don't know, maybe I would have liked a galaxy tab more. I just can't say since I've never used one. but right now I will take an eminently useful chromebook with a long battery life over a glorified newspaper any day of the week. (apple, android, or webos)
maybe I should be comparing the chromebook to the mac airbook. perhaps that would be a better comparison.

If they ever put out a chrome tablet I will look at the tablet again, but for now I'm not even sure it was worth it for free.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

as fun as it has been posting about the trip this past weekend I thought I'd try to post some more info on the chromebook. if anyone has any questions. please feel free to ask. if I can't answer I am sure I can find another chromebook guru with the answers!
one of the best places to start on your new chromebook is the app page and the chrome web store.. there are hundreds probably thousands of apps by now and most of them are really wonderful. pictured in this post are my apps to give you an idea of apps you can download... but feel free to explore and investigate and have fun. that's why we bought these things isn't it? to have fun and be productive.
the apps I use the most are the calendar, google docs, google+, Google talk, picasa, you tube, amazon cloud player and flixster . when we are choosing movies for the night, I just pull out my chromebook, sign onto verizon or wifi and open up flixster et voila... all the movies and times. I work near southcenter mall in renton so my friend and I will meet at the mall for dinner and while we are sitting there I open the chromebook and get signed onto the mall's free wifi. then we can choose the movie, watch previews and everything.. it's really awesome. I like it better than my phone because it's much easier to share with my friends while we decide. I have an Evo which I used to use all the time... but about the only thing I use it for anymore is as a hotspot at restaurants and as a phone or texts...

Sunday, July 3, 2011

now up at the swinomish reservation

what a day for traveling with my chromebook. ferry ride to bainbridge island wonderful circle on the island and then ferry ride to edmonds and heading north to swinomish for a nice improptu circle there. such a joy.. and then finally home at last. yay! too bad I have to work tomorrow ... oh well, at least I get overtime. ciao

chroming at the beach

went to bainbridge island for a medicine circle. stopped at the beach I used to hang out at when I lived there. the trees and I missed each other so much!
admittedly this picture is posed. it was way too beautiful to want to be online. hehe

playing on the chromebook on the ferry to bainbridge island

this is my friend johnny on the cr48 and myself on the chromebook. I tried to take a pic of the islands from the car but all you can see are the cars. my friend with the scarf is sonny and the gentleman is johnny

Saturday, July 2, 2011

indian food at travelers tea in seattle

Travelers tea - this place is the best... what a wonderful lunch. joy of joys. wish I had more time to hang out there today but had to play music with my friend. it was really exciting.

chroming at the ihop

in case you're wondering it's going to be a garden omelette and iced tea. :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

not bad at all

so we had a slow day at work today because of the holidays and I was able to spend time on my chromebook... and when I got to dinner for the first time I realized my battery had hit the red. of course I'd been using for about 9hrs, at least 3 of which involved watching videos on hulu... so really not bad at all. usually I don't wear the battery down until bedtime... good thing there aren't too many slow days at work. hehe

how to delete your facebook account

hehe cuz we love google+ so much more!